1 ) Name of the school with Address (Strictly as per   Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board) :
The Oxford School

Mylapore, Umayanalloor P.O. Kollam, Kerala-691589

               (i)E-mail : [email protected]
               (ii)Ph.No : 0474-2533541/42
               (iii)Fax No : Nil
2 ) Year of establisment of school : 1999
3 ) Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of Embassi of India obtained ? : NOC from Government of kerala
               (i) NOC No : 5615/N3/2000/G.Edn.
               (ii) NOC issuing date : 04.09.2000
4 ) Is the school is recogonised,if yes by which Authority : Central Board of Secondary Education
5 ) Status of Affliation (Permanent/Regular/Provisonal) :  Provisional
               (i) Affiliation No :  930421
               (ii) Affliation with the board since : 1/4/2003
               (iii) Extension of affiliation upto : 31/03/2018
6 ) Name of Trust/Society/ Company Registerd under      Section 25 of the company Act, 1956. : Manarul Huda Trust
     Period upto which Registration of Trust/Society is valid : Unlimited
7 ) List of members of school Managing committee with their Address/tenure and post held as stipulated in Section 21(1) of RTE Act 2009 and as per provisions of Section 20(1) (2)(3)of Affiliation Bye -Laws of the CBSE Board. : .
Name & Address Occupation

Position in SMC

Term of Membership

Head Of the School

1. Dr. Sajid Ali
H.No:62, Master Rishal Singh Road Wali gali, Palla, North West, Delhi-110036, Mob:9560186791

 Principal  Secretary 3 Years
2. Mr.Zakir Hussain Kamaluddin
Emke Manzil,Kallattu mukku, Manacaud, Thiruvanthapuram
Chairman  Member 3 Years
 3.Mr.Samir Bin Kamal
Emke Manzil, Kallattu mukku, Manacaud, Thiruvanthapuram
Vice Chairman  Member 3 Years
4. Mr.Shanavas A
Shajitha Manzil, Asramam, kollam-691002 Mob:9874262474
 Manager  Member 3 Years
 5. Mr. Abdul Rahim
Principal, National College, Manacadu (po), Post Box No.5827, Trivandrum,-695009
Principal, National College  Member 3 Years
6.Mr. Sulaiman M K
Prof: ComputerScience & English Dept. TKMCE Kollam, Mundenkattil House. Vattamkulam(po). Malapuram Dist, Ph: 0475-2462588
  Retd. Professor  Member 3 Years
 7. Prof:M.Mehmood
HOD Psychology. Madathil TKMCE. Kollam 691005
  Retd. Professor  Member 3 Years
 8. Mrs. Aysha Mehmood
HOD Chemistry. Madathil TKMCE. Karicode 691005
Retd. Professor  Member 3 Years
9. Mr.Abdul Salam
Principal, The Oxford School, Trivandrum, Mob: 9895127325
 Principal, The Oxford school Trivandrum  Member 3 Years
10. N K Sathyapalan
19/1992(3) Surabhilam, SNRA 16 A, Poojappura (po) Trivandrum Mob: 9447744295 Ph: 0471-2462206
Retd. Professor  Member 3 Years
11. Mr. U M Basheer
Rawthar parambil, Nallimukku, Kollam-12, Mob: 9446590337
Retd. Teacher  Member 3 Years
 12. Mrs.Mini K Pillai
Madhava Vilasom, Kottomkara, Chandhanathope(po), Kollam Mob: 9947548190
Teacher  Member 3 Years
13. Mrs.Ambikavathy Amma

Mangalathu Veedu, Vendar (po), Kottarakkara, Kollam Mob: 9495592648

Teacher  Member 3 Years
 14. Mrs. Ameena Nazir
Ayratiil House, Mevaram, Kollam
Teacher  Member 3 Years
 15. Mr.Ansar Sherief
HR Manger, Manarul Huda Trust, Thiruvananthapuram
HR Manger  Member 3 Years
 16. Mr. Ziyad M R
Crescent, Koottikkada PO, Kollam 691020 Mobile 9895799111
Network Engineer  Member 3 Years
17. Dr.Noushad
Ansari Manzil, Mayyanad, Kollam-691303, Mob: 9895850482
Neuro Surgeon Parent Representative 3 Years
 18. Mrs.Lija Navabudeen
Semi, Puthichara Estate, Umayanalloor P.O, Kollam-691589 Mob: 9495238640
Business Parent Representative 3 Years
 19. Mr.Hafiz
Subah, Vadakkevila P O, Kollam. Mob:9961214443
Business Parent Representative 3 Years
20. Mr.Jalaludeen
Kettidathil House, Ayathil P O, Kollam Mob:9387879666
Business Parent Representative 3 Years
8 ) Name and official address of the Manager/President /Chairman/Correspondant : Shanavas A
Shajitha Manzil
 (i) E-mail : [email protected]
 (ii) Phone Number : 0474-3291217, 9847262474
 (iii) Fax No : Nil
9 ) Area of school campus
(i) In Acres : 5.25
 (ii) In sq.mtrs : 21245.9961
 (iii) Build up area (sq.mtrs) : 7900
 (iv) Area of playground (sq.mtrs) : 6100
(v) Other facilities :
(i) Swimming Pool : Yes
(ii) Indoor games : Yes
(iii) Dance Rooms : No
(iv) Gymnasium : Yes
(v) Music Rooms : Yes
 (vi) Hostels : Yes
(vii) Health & Medical Check up : Yes
10 ) Details of fee structure :  Fee (Annual)
 (i) Pre-Nursery : 27600
 (ii) Nursery : 29800
 (iii) I to V : 36240
 (iV) VI to VIII : 43700
(v) IX & X : 48000
(vi)XI & XII Science : 54400
 (vii)XI & XII Commerce : 52200
11 ) Transport facility :
(i) Own Buses : : Own Buses
 (ii) Buses hired on contract basis : Nil
 (iii) Details of transport charges : As per slabs based on distance – Minimum Rs 1100/- up and down

12 ) Particulars of teaching staffs(Updated on 22.09.2018 )

1Dr. Sajid AliPRINCIPALMScBEd, PhDPHYSICS9560186791[email protected]
2Mini K PillaiVICE PRINCIPALMScBEdMATHEMATICS9947548190[email protected]
3Usha RoyHEAD MISTRESSB.ScBed, PGDBA [EDEXCEL-UK]HEAD TEACHER9886503226[email protected]
4Arunnath RPGTMScBEdPHYSICS9895668184[email protected]
5Ambikavathy Amma OPGTMABed, SETMALAYALAM9495592648[email protected]
6Angel LPGTMScBed, SETZOOLOGY9605641394[email protected]
7Visak SPGTMABEdENGLISH8606178042[email protected]
8Nithin CleetusPGTMABEdSOCIAL SCIENCE9846241539[email protected]
9Biju BPGTMComMBAACCOUNTANCY9447419073[email protected]
10Muhammed Ramsan KPGTMCACOMPUTER SCIENCE9961649395[email protected]
11Melbinson TobyPETMPEdPHYSICAL EDUCATION9747374533[email protected]
12Hasheersha SPGTMScCHEMISTRY9895875221[email protected]
13Saji ChackoPGTMScMATHEMATICS9544278836[email protected]
14Athira CDPGTM.Sc CounsellingCOUNSELLING9446425392[email protected]
15Rohini R.CTGTMScBed, SETZOOLOGY8089936965[email protected]
16Ambili GTGTMABEdMALAYALAM9567777485[email protected]
17Manoofa JTGTMScBEdCHEMISTRY9446360151[email protected]
18Veena ViswanathanTGTMScBed, SET, CTETMATHEMATICS7034528840[email protected]
19Sailaja ATGTMABEdHINDI9746197017[email protected]
20Jisha ThomasPETMPEdPHYSICAL EDUCATION8281921963[email protected]
21Bindhu Mol CTGTBScBEdPHYSICS9995744153[email protected]
22Amina -ATGTMABEdECONOMICS9526914421[email protected]
23Divya Mary JoyTGTMABEdENGLISH9387256084[email protected]
24Shamitha STGTMLIScLIBRARIAN7736182345[email protected]
25Priya PeterPRTMABEdENGLISH9895124499[email protected]
26Bismi S.VPRTMSc Computer Sc.COMPUTER SCIENCE9495268920[email protected]
27Nasila BeegumPRTBScBEdBOTANY9446754043[email protected]
28Anjana SPRTMABEdENGLISH9387392330[email protected]
29Mohammed K. NPRTMABEdARABIC9526691423[email protected]
30Sandhya SPRTBABEd, KTETMALAYALAM9605869494[email protected]
31Reena VPRTMABed, SETMALAYALAM9447039393[email protected]
32NasiyaPRTMABEdENGLISH9526330874[email protected]
33Kavya KannanPRTBAB.EdENGLISH8606802348[email protected]
34Sumayya NPRTMABEdARABIC9747463340[email protected]
35Roshna RasheedPRTBABEdENGLISH8129786809[email protected]
36Sophiya EarnestPRTB.ScBEdMATHEMATICS7025430084[email protected]
37Vijeesh TPRTB.ScBEdMATHEMATICS8547127084[email protected]
38Sofiya SainudeenPRTB.ScBEdMATHEMATICS9544767137[email protected]
39SanoojaPRTMABEdHINDI8129293129[email protected]
40Sumayya MPRTBABEdENGLISH8281129277[email protected]
41Divya VPRTMABEdENGLISH8129755298[email protected]
42Simi AmanPRTB.ScBEdEVS9249646276[email protected]
43John BenjaminPRTMAB.EdSOCIAL SCIENCE9895495102[email protected]
44Sajeena HPRTSSLCHANDICRAFT CERTIFICATECRAFT9496777502[email protected]
45SreekalaPRTSSLCKGTE GEOMETRICAL DRAWINGART9947599110[email protected]
46ManikuttanINSTRUCTORHIGHER SECONDARYNI NISSWIMMING9605245985[email protected]

13 ) Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff/non teaching staff (Updated on 22.09.2018 )

(as per Circular No:07/2013 dated 01.05.2013)

Designation PGT/TGT/PRTScale of PayGrade PayDATotalHRAEPF contribution
14 ) Mode of payment of salary
               (i) Name of the Bank through which salary                    is drawing : Bank of India, Kadappakkada branch
               (ii) Through Single cheque transfer advice : Single Cheque transfer
               (iii) Individual cheque :
               (iv) Cash :
15 ) Library facilities
               (i) Size of the library in sq.feet : 1000
               (ii) No.of periodicals : 16
               (iii) No.of Dailies : 10
               (iv) No of Reference books class-wise : 402
               (v) No.of Magazine : 24
               (vi) Others : 5010
16 ) Name of the Grievance / redressal Officer with E-mail, Ph.No,Fax No : Dr. Sajid Ali     [email protected],


17 ) Members of Sexual Harassment Committee : Mrs.Mini K Pillai, Mrs.Ambikavathy Amma, Mrs. Ameena Nazir
18 ) Section wise enrollment of  school for the current session: : Class Section Enrolment
I A & B 49
II A & B 62
III A & B 42
IV A & B 37
V A & B 55
VI A & B 34
VII A & B 42
VIII A & B 50
IX A & B 53
X A & B 55
XI A,B,C 63
XII A,B,C 75
19 ) Academic session period : June to March
20 ) Vacation period : April  to May
21 ) Admission period : April  to May

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