We live in an age where the world is becoming increasingly digitalised and turning into a  global village. Use of technology in the educational sphere has been undergoing revolutionary changes since the last two decades. Education in the 21st century should not be a mere game or gamble but a topic that requires serious thoughts and discussions.It is not something that deals with “new gen thoughts” as we often term it, but the inclusion of curriculum, which in all respects, is suited to the mindset of 21st century kids. At the same time it should not compromise in values like truthfulness, compassion, courtesy, patience, sacrifice, tolerance and many more. As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “Literary education is of no value, if it is not to build up a sound character”.

The Oxford School, Kollam always believes in human values which makes an individual perfect in his character.It always tries to bring out the best skills, with which a child could contribute to the community in its transformation to the next level. Oxfordians always exhibits exceptional behavior and outstanding competitiveness to the outside world. A P J Abdul Kalam rightly said, ‘when learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms, when creativity blossoms, thinking emanates, when thinking emanates, knowledge is full lit, when knowledge is lit, economy flourishes’.