An Internationally Reputed

Boarding-cum Day School (Senior Secondary – Play Class to Grade XII)

For Oxford School to be a truly outstanding school with an excellent academic reputation that provides first class care, guidance, support and development so that everyone enjoys a positive experience during their time at the school and leaves well prepared for life beyond it.

We achieve this by ensuring:

  • Outstanding teaching and learning across the school
  • A curriculum that meets the needs of our students allowing them to progress
  • Students have access to a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities
  • Development of confidence, independence of thought and resilience in our students
  • Regular and effective engagement with stakeholders of the school
  • High quality leadership and management across the school
  • Praise and reward are central features of the school

Oxford School is blessed with magnificent infrastructure, separate hostels for Boys and Girls with modern facilities, enthusiastic, highly motivated staff and a sound ethos of social awareness.  For all who embrace the many opportunities presented, Oxford School will reward them with a happy, memorable and empowering education.

Students here practice values of commitment, sharing and support for one another always. Endowed with such wide range of skills and knowledge, students pass out every year to shine brilliantly in various walks of life as renowned professionals, but above all, AS A COMPLETE PERSON

The Oxford Tender Care

Our goal is to provide a safe and caring environment where children can gain a positive approach to school and learning.  They will learn to care for, and respect each other, whilst learning how to be part of a group.  Good nursery education is crucial to a child’s formative years, and fosters an enthusiasm and confidence that will remain with them throughout their school life.  Our experience and dedicated staff and  with the support of  parents the children become successful learners, confident individuals.  Children learn through play and structured lessons with a balance of free choice.

It is widely accepted that children in this age group absorb and achieve more than any other stage in their school life, and this makes choosing the right nursery school vital.

What we offer:

  • stimulating indoor and outdoor areas for purposeful learning
  • specialist resources for ICT, gym, art and technology
  • enjoyable, stimulating and challenging activities through structured learning and educational  play.

What we do:

  • meet the needs of the individual child
  • deliver all aspects of the Early Year Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) within an enhanced programme of activities
  • support the transition of each child to the next state of learning
  • focus on the joy of learning, happiness, self-esteem and confidence

Our Early Childhood curriculum is designed to address seven areas of development:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication, Language 
  • Literacy
  • Mathematical Development (Numeracy)
  • Understanding and Knowledge of the world
  • Physical (Fine and Gross Motor)Development
  • Creative Development


New admissions are generally accepted in the beginning of the academic year up to the 25th of May.

Registration : Parents may submit application for registering their children to the school office on or after 1st of November. Registration of the name does not guarantee the admission. The idea of registering the names in advance is to estimate the probable number of students seeking admission to ensure limited number of pupils in each class, to examine the feasibility of opening new divisions and to create a channel to correspond with the parent / guardian to appraise him / her of the latest information about admission.


Registration for 2017-18 admissions now open

for Play Class to Grade  IX  and Grade XI.

Online/as well as Direct  Registration facility for above Classes  is now open. For Play Class to KG-2 – Admission commences from 1st February, 2017. For Grade I to IX – the admission commences from 1st of April 2017.  For Grade XI admission starts immediately after the publication of  Grade X result.

Admission is open to all children subject to the rules and regulations of the  School and CBSE.

Admission is entirely based on merit depending on the availability of seats.

No admission in Class X & XII is given.  However in special case admission granted for  Class X and XII subject to the post facto approval of CBSE.

Following documents are to be submitted for finalising  the admission.

  • Attested copy of birth certificate.
  • 2 passport size colour photograph of the child
  • School Leaving/Transfer certificate/Pass Certificate   issued by the school last attended.  Transfer certificate is to be attested by the Indian Embassy/Consulate  in case of foreign students.
  • Progress Report/Report Card of the previous class (duly attested copy).




For Admission Enquiries:


Manager: Shanavas A [Mobile: +91 9847262474]

Accounts Officer: R G K Pillai [Mobile: +91 9847276534]

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