Kids Zone

TOS, caters to the overall growth of its kids to become the best of world citizens right from the budding stage. They are taken care of at all levels,
pruning them, inculcating skills to grow with them, instilling hope and confidence and equiping them for life. Kinder Garten level is the most cherished of life and they always get the best in life from here. Drills, Craft work, Games village, Proper Health check up, hygenic atmosphere, the best of trained and equipped teachers and supportive parents are the hall marks of our Kids Section

Monthly activities for classes LKG & UKG


Pencil Drawing Drawing
Colouring Colouring
Story telling Abstract reasoning
Missing article game game of words
Malayalam Recitation Unfit words.
English Rhyme Clay modeling
Numerical memory test Story telling
Missing letter game English Rhyme
Handwriting Handwriting
Solo Solo
Missing letter game
Deletion game
Numerical memory test


The Senior School Building overlooks the Oxford School, Kollam Circle at the centre of the school. Within its walls is a thriving educational community, with rigorous intellectual activity characterizing the daily routine. Students normally enter the Senior School at age 11 from the Junior School and other preparatory or primary schools, Years 7, 8 and 9 will provide a foundation course covering a large number of subjects, enabling the students to become familiar with new subjects, while preparing them to make their choices during Year 9.

In Years 10 and 11 the students study for CBSE Syllabus in a wide variety of subjects. These are divided into core and option subjects. This should give the students a variety of subjects to study during the two year course. Students will be encouraged to develop their intellectual curiosity and to use their academic initiative. Thus instilling a sense of responsibility amongst the sixth formers for their own futures and actions, which will not be confined to the classroom.

The House system is central to life at the Oxford School, Kollam It is the community of the House that fosters the confidence and sense of purpose that leads to fulfillment in the larger community of the school. Within the framework of Manarul Huda Trust ethos each retains its individuality, fashioned by its Housemaster of Housemistress and its students. Everyone has a part to play.

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